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Orange Pekoe


Orange Pekoe

Orange Pekoe


Blending leaves from several regions within Sri Lanka, this Orange Pekoe stands atop our dais of blending success. It has a clean full flavour and a moreish aftertaste.  Embrace the tea education on offer here with distinct Sri Lankan characteristics that have been a success in tea for centuries; this is the quintessential flavour one is hunting for in a great Sri Lankan tea. We can expect nuanced differences from batch to batch, reflecting the weather patterns and different seasons impacting on these regions.

PekoeBrew Orange Pekoe is fantastically easy to enjoy without the addition of milk or sugar. Bring your water to 95 degrees Celsius and brew for 3 minutes, or to be graced with more charisma then add a bigger teaspoon and brew for 4 (minutes).