Stereo Line In 1U


Stereo/Dual Mono Balanced Line Level Inputs

Your other devices will sound a lot more interesting through your modular.

Use the Stereo Line In 1U system to bring external audio into your modular system for processing. The system works with balanced +4 dBu professional audio products and with -10dbV unbalanced gear.

The Stereo Line In 1U system comprises two components:
  • The Stereo Line In 1U module
  • Either a Stereo In Jacks 1U module, or a case with built-in ¼” audio jacks, such as Intellijel’s Palette or 7U Performance Cases (with a 2nd generation Audio Jacks board).


    • Width: 12HP
    • Max Depth: 38mm
    • Power: 18mA @+12V , 12mA @-12V