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EricaSynths Black Double Bass


EricaSynths Black Double Bass

EricaSynths Black Double Bass



Erica Synths Black Double Bass is unique module that combines two transistor suboscillators (-1 and -2 octaves) and lowpass filter. It does not make sound on its own, but it will turn any VCO or beeper into massive bass sound with CV control over octave mix and cutoff frequency. Sync input that resets suboscillators on incoming pulse, provides even more versatility in sound design. The module can be also provide aggressive distortion, when used with percussive sounds like bassdrums.


  • Two transistor based -1 and -2 octaves suboscillators 
  • Manually and CV controlled fade between suboscillators 
  • Manually and CV controlled lowpass VCF 
  • Suboscillator synchronisation input 
  • Individual outputs of suboscillators 
  • Limiter on the output to avoid clipping 
  • Signal Thru output 
  • CV level attenuators

NB! Double Bass module is not an audio source by itself and needs an audio input!

Technical specifications: 

Audio input level -5V - +5V
CV level (full sweep) -5V - +5V
Power consumption +50mA, -39mA
Module width 10HP
Module depth 35mm