Grand Terminal


Dual 8 mode VCF / VCA, dual voltage controlled AD/AR/looping envelope, 16 algorithm stereo FX processor


  • Dual multi-mode filter (ladder, diode, vactrol, state-variable lp/hp/bp and comb) in dual, stereo and serial modes
  • Dual AD/ASR/looping envelope generator that acts as band-limited oscillator when cycling at linear slopes
  • Stereo “Cabin Pressure” processor with different 16 effects: from shimmered halls and reverberations to a spring simulation over tape/ping-pong delays / chorus / distortion / compressor and others
  • Separate mono modular level output and stereo line level output for direct line recording or driving the headphones
  • Easy firmware update via Audio
  • Fully compatible with GatewayT_XP
  • Audio I/O: 48 kHz 16 bit, 32 bits internal processing


  • Power: 230 mA +12V / 65 mA -12V / 0 mA 5V
  • Width: 26HP
  • Depth: 26mm