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PekoeBrew's Breakfast tea grew out of a strong desire for a satisfying brew that brings a rich and perky flavour to the palate of many a passionate tea drinker. With much to-ing and fro-ing we finally arrived at a purely Sri Lankan blend that was both welcoming on initial sip and lingering on the palate long thereafter. Over time and with the changing seasons, Breakfast will change too, similar to the way in which a wine's vintage brings nuanced differences in character year upon year.

Breakfast can be enjoyed black. Just bring your water to 95 degrees Celsius and brew for 3 minutes. Prefer it with milk and sugar? No problem. Simply brew for 4 minutes instead and add your milk and sugar to taste.

Want to experience it Sri Lankan style? Brew for 4-5 minutes. Steal yourself some jaggery and a quiet corner. Sip on your tea then suck on your jaggery. Hopefully no one is watching...