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HANAE Ceremonial Matcha

Zen Wonders

HANAE Ceremonial Matcha

HANAE Ceremonial Matcha



This Matcha is recommended for:

  • Usucha (traditional Matcha tea)
  • Cold Brew Matcha

HANAE is Zen Wonders' signature Ceremonial Grade Uji Matcha.

Suitable for everyday use, HANAE brews a rich and silky liquor with a good balance of sweetness/light astringency, subtle floral notes, light Umami and a pleasant silky mouthfeel.

A blend with enough delicacy to be whisked into Usucha (traditional Matcha Tea) while also being characterized by a rich body that allows it to be mixed into premium blended drinks, making a great choice for Cold Brew Matcha and high-grade Matcha latte.

    • Flavour profile: Smooth, rich and earthy with subtle floral notes, light astringency and a refreshing finish of light Umami.
    • Harvest & Growth: 1st flush (spring) / shade-grown for 20 days.
    • Origin: Uji, Kyoto (Japan)

    Storage: Seal package immediately after use and store in a cool dry place, away from sunlight, moisture, and strong odours.

    For more specifications on all our grades please refer to their Grades Chart.